Sunday, March 22, 2015

Makeup memory lane


First makeup item ever purchased. Minnie Mouse red lip gloss and Barbie perfume. I had to include the perfume because I still remember the scent. I also loved the Disney perfumes from the Disney store, like Belle and Ariel.

First MAC item. Shroom satin eyeshadow. The one they told everyone to buy.

First MAC collection/other brand collection. Max Factor A Midsummer Night's Dream.
I loved this collection because I was really into fairies and late 90's sparkle at the time.

First high end makeup splurge. Bobbi Brown Lip Lacquer pot in Cherry,  Bobbi Brown Sparkledust in Platinum (both are no longer made, but I still have them in my retro collection).

First makeover experience. I remember it was my birthday and I wanted shimmery mermaid green shadow with a peachy lip. It was the early 2000's and that appealed to me back then. It still does ever so often. :) I'm sure that MAC Shimmermoss was used.

First makeup brush. I don't really remember... It was most likely an eyeshadow brush.

First eyeshadow/lipstick. A purple Cover Girl trio that Niki Taylor was advertising. She was my favorite Cover Girl. I also wore the Vintage Wine lipstick with it. They had this gimmicky ad where if you "just press your lips together" the color would be revived. lol

First foundation. Cover Girl CG Smoothers. Didn't Faith Hill wear it?

First blush. Cosmetique pinky brown. This was one of those mail order brands that did custom makeup for your skin tone, hair color, etc.

First mascara. Max Factor 2000 Calorie. I still mourn it's loss.

First powder. Cover Girl Clean pressed powder. Ahhh, Noxema clean!

First skin care investment.  Possibly the Clinique 3 step skin care. I stopped using it because the soap did (and still does) burn your eyes if you're not careful. Then you have to rinse them for a minute.

First nail polish.  A shimmery baby pink coral from Max Factor. My mom took me to the mini mall (on base- military) and I picked it out. To this day it is still my all time favorite.

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