Friday, March 27, 2015

Current look: Rosebud lips with YSL Tint in Oil


                                  Cara Delevingne is wearing Cherry My Cherie.

A revolutionary lip color with a lip tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil. Coat your lips with this lip tint for a lightweight texture that instantly melts onto lips. It is infused with a blend of four essential oils for deep hydration: apricot kernel oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, and possiflora edulis seed oil. Its exclusive applicator envelops the lips in full color and allows for a precise and uniform application. Lightweight and non-sticky, this lip tint offers a new and luminous shine while the tint effect enhances the natural beauty of the lips—making it the perfect combination for youthful looking lips.

I could write an entire love letter about the YSL Tint in Oil, specifically shade # 5 Cherry My Cherie. At first application you get a glass like shine that is smooth and comfortable. The color gradually appears like a chic mood gloss. When the oil starts to absorb a perfect rosebud tint appears, and it does not stray from your lip line or feel oily. The wand provides the right amount every time without a re-dip, and the packaging is classic YSL. If your lips are wrecked from a harsh winter (that is still holding on as I type) this might be the lip rescue you need.  There are currently eight shades to choose from. $32 @ Sephora, or Nordstrom.


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