Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cate Blanchett's makeup in Carol

Cate is wearing Chanel Rouge Allure #96 in Excentrique, mixed with #97 Incandescente and #98 Coromandel (depending on the scene). The lip liner used in some scenes was MAC Red Enriched. 

Start with a good skin care routine so your skin is prepped. 
I am using products from my own collection and many that were used on the set. 

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer for a flawless base. 
2. Estee Lauder Double Wear or Make Up For Ever Ultra HD, depending on the coverage you need. Spend extra time on the base to make sure it is blended well. 
3. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage for any spots, and Nars Creamy Concealer under the eyes. 
4. Shu Uemura Sheer Face Powder to set. 
5. Dust a little MAC Pink Swoon or Benefit Sugarbomb onto your cheeks. 
6. Cate's makeup artist Morag Ross did contour and highlight, but I feel like that might be too much in real life for my skin. On camera it looks fantastic. That's up to you. LeMaqPro Fard Creme in 117 was the contour and C1 was the highlight. 

There are two options for the eyes. The liner and mascara remain the same. 
1. Prime your eyelids and sweep Bobbi Brown Bone Eyeshadow from lid to brow, blend well. 
Define the crease with a light touch of Bobbi Brown Taupe Eyeshadow.
2. Laura Mercier Sheer Eye Colour in Blue Suede across the lids. Kate Super Sharp Liner A in BK 1. 
3. L'Oreal Voluminous Black Brown mascara

1. Apply Chanel Excentrique, Incandescente, or Coromandel with a lip brush in light layers until you achieve the depth of color you desire. Define the edge and slightly fill in with MAC Red Enriched lip liner. You can mix a few or all of these, but just one is enough to pull off the look. 
Chanel Lilis #647

All makeup by Morag Ross. A complete list of the makeup is here. 

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